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Gula Honden Badjas
Gula Honden Badjas
Gula Honden Badjas
Gula Honden Badjas
Gula Honden Badjas
Gula Honden Badjas

Gula Honden Badjas

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GULA dog bathrobe / towel

Our GULA dog bathrobe is designed for both the owner and the dog; elegant design, functional and a comfortable light fit for the dog. Quality is our top priority, it is in everyone's interest that our products are made of the best materials with qualitative aspects. Our GULA dog bathrobe is ideal for when your dog is wet from a rainy walk, has just been washed or after a soaky drive back from the beach . The microfibre bathrobe has a moisture-absorbing function which ensures that your dog will be dry again in no time. Due to the flap that runs under the belly and can be fastened with velcro, the bathrobe always stays in place.

Gula bathrobe / towel applications:

  • Dry function for after walking in the rain or on the beach
  • Protects your car or furniture in the house against moisture and stains
  • Comfortable wear  
  • Easy to clean - We recommend washing the bathrobe in the washing machine at 30/40 degrees. It is advised to let the bathrobe air dry

Qualities of our bathrobe's / towels:


  • High quality Microfibre - Polyester 80%
  • High quality Polyamide 20%


Fitting and sizing of your robe

To make sure our GULA dog bathrobe fits, remove the bathrobe from the packaging and hang it sideways next to your dog. Keep this in mind as we can no longer take back (return) the products once your dog has put them on. This is due to hygienic reasons. If we conclude upon return that the product has been worn (contains dog hair, contains stains, smells bad or has been washed), the product will not be replaced for another size.