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Leash Splitter - Biothane®
Leash Splitter - Biothane®

Leash Splitter - Biothane®

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"I have too many dogs" said no one ever.

Make walks with your furry friends even more fun with the Leash Splitter. This must-have accessory for dog owners allows you to easily walk multiple dogs at once, without having to struggle with tangled leashes or uncomfortable hand-holding. It's perfect for those with large families of dogs, or those who prefer a hands-free approach while walking their pack. Get ready to enjoy walks with your pups again—with the Leash Splitter, the possibilities are endless!

This leash splitter will allow you to walk all of your dogs using a one-handed leash. Both ends of all splitters will have a snap hook, that way you can easily remove or add a splitter whenever you want. You could even use the splitter as a traffic handle. Simply clip your leash to the O ring and you're good to go! 

The Biothane straps are 3/4” (19 mm) wide.